Breast MRI

As we deliver positive histology from the US-guided breast biopsies we realize that early part of their subsequent management is placed in your auspices. We can continue to assist you as difficult decisions arise. . In this respect we would like to familiarize you with the current indications on preoperative breast MRI for these following positive cases:

  1. Dense breast mammographic pattern limiting tumor visibility.
  2. Invasive lobular carcinoma with propensity for multiplicity and bilaterally.
  3. Posterior position for tumor increasing risk of pectoralis and chest wall spread.
  4. Partial breast irradiation candidates.
  5. Genetic high risk (BRCA I/ BRCA II).
  6. History of mantle chest radiation.
  7. Multifocal, bilateral presentation.
  8. Metastases to axillary lymph nodes with negative mammogram and US.
  9. Positive surgical margins after first lumpectomy.
  10. Paget disease of nipple on exam without mammographic findings.
  11. Neoadjuvant chemotherapy monitoring.
  12.  Significant (>10mm) discordance of tumor size between mammogram and US.

Please retain this summary as a reference and feel free to discuss further with our radiologists.

A.G Dikengil, M.D. Board certified Radiologist