Full Body Imaging

Our mantra of early disease detection and lifelong passion to perfect the ultimate full body imaging screen has lead us to an integrated triple modality approach: MRI/CT/US. We achieved this by employing a 1.5T Siemens MRI and observed hundreds of sequences on thousands of diagnostic studies accumulating a two- year period of clinical data. The highest yielding, shortest sequences have been selected to produce the most sensitive and best patient compliant, unique protocol.  The inherent shortcoming of chest MRI is addressed with multidetector CT and areas of concern are further targeted with Duplex ultrasound. Our finalized protocol promises to deliver a very comprehensive analysis of the patient’s health status. All studies are preformed on American College of Radiology Accredited units with specialty- certified technologists at our Ambulatory Care licensed center.

Fluid sensitive MRI sequences are employed for the head/ neck and entire axial skeleton in evaluation of the central nervous system.  Similar sequences are utilized for the abdomen/ pelvis in the axial and coronal planes. Sequences are modified to address specific risk factors elicited in the questionnaire. The survey is completed with helical CT of the chest.

Ultrasound is added to screen the biliary tree and the urinary tract. Additional areas of concern are further targeted with ultrasound for cyst versus solid determination. Sonographically accessible areas with suspected vascular lesions or anomalies are subjected to Duplex US. Normally, this process is accomplished in 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Acquisition is supervised by the on-site radiologist, and tailored based on the findings. The images are interpreted upon completion by a board- certified radiologist with 30 years’ experience in all three modalities. Results are discussed with the patient immediately after completion. A CD and a technical transcript of the interpretation are provided for outside consult and can be accessed online. The images are archived permanently as a baseline for future comparison.


A.G Dikengil, M.D Board Certified Radiologist